3D Pieces

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3D Pieces

All these pieces that were drawn using 2D & 3D software.

The Weta, Fantail, Kiwi & Flower pieces took around 3 to 4 months to model. They were checked to make sure that they would go together once cut. After a few trial cuts, we have finally got the finished product.

Once left outside, they will rust up beautifully & be an unusual addition to your home & garden.

The Bee, Butterfly & Dragonfly were cut flat and then the legs & wings folded out to give the 3D look.

The Wind Spinners were drawn as a flat part, then once cut, by pushing the centre out around its centre, the Spinner forms the bird cage look

Male Weta
Female Weta
Large Weta Male
Large Weta Female
Small Fantail
Large Fantail
Std Kiwi
Pohutukawa Flower
Windspinner Love Birds
Honey Bee Wall
Monarch Butterfly

Covid-19 Level Update


Even though we are still at Level 1, there is still a risk of COVID-19 returning to the community. 

So we are doing only some markets but not all.

All our items from this site, are still available for delivery around the Auckland area.

Orders from the rest of NZ are welcomed too and will be delivered using NZ Post & Courier.

We also still have the Pickup Option available

with Eftpos on site,

and have a NZ COVID QR Poster for you to use.

Kia Kaha NZ.

White Queen Chess Piece