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  • Corten Metal Artwork, Canny Creations NZ 3D Pieces, New Zealand

    Covid 19 Update 3D Pieces Canny Creations NZ 3D Pieces All these pieces that were drawn using 2D & 3D software. ​ The Weta, Fantail, Kiwi & Flower pieces took around 3 to 4 months to model. They were checked to make sure that they would go together once cut. After a few trial cuts, we have finally got the finished product. ​ Once left outside, they will rust up beautifully & be an unusual addition to your home & garden. ​ The Bee, Butterfly & Dragonfly were cut flat and then the legs & wings folded out to give the 3D look. ​ The Wind Spinners were drawn as a flat part, then once cut, by pushing the centre out around its centre, the Spinner forms the bird cage look Add to Cart $175 $175 Add to Cart Add to Cart $360 Add to Cart $360 Add to Cart $105 $200 Add to Cart $175 Add to Cart Add to Cart $170 Add to Cart $55 $120 Add to Cart Add to Cart $105 $1500 Add to Cart $130 Add to Cart Out of Stock $140 Add to Cart $150 Add to Cart $95

  • Metal Artwork, Canny Creations NZ, Key, New Zealand

    Covid 19 Update Celebration Keys Canny Creations NZ Celebration Keys 50 Key Hayley 50 Key Billy 21 Key Liam 21 Key Ashleigh 21 Key Daelyn 21 Key Katherine 21 Key Quentin 21 Key Taylor 21 Key Wade 21 Key Hamish 21 Key Campbell 21 Key Taylor 21 Key Zane 21 Key Owen 21 Key Xanthe These pieces that were all drawn using 2D & 3D software. ​ ​ Here are samples of keys that have been done for customers. If you would like to have one done please send me the following:- The name of the person. The D.O.B of the person. A brief description of the image if required. ​ As a rough guide, all keys are approx. 30cm in length, prices start from $50NZD but can this can change due to the complexity of the image required.

  • Corten Metal Chess Set Canny Creations NZ

    Covid 19 Update Chess Set Canny Creations NZ Chess Set This Chess Set is sure to keep you entertained. ​ Whether you are looking to create an impact at your event or party or seeking new ways to entertain your family & guests, this Corten Chess Set will ensure you stand out above the rest. ​ This Chess Set will look magnificent in most gardens. Suitable for all ages, this Chess Set can be enjoyed by all. Ideal for warm sunny days / evenings in the garden, Chess is the perfect outdoor game. Should the weather get the better of you…don’t fear! This Chess Set can withstand all weather conditions. The Chess Pieces are made from 3mm Corten Steel, which will develop the lovely patina that you expect from Corten. ​ Each of the 32 chess pieces comprise of 2 parts that slot together to form the base, ready to play. Each chess piece has a base diameter of ranging from approx. 15cm to 22cm and an approx. weight, ranging from 1.2Kg for the pawn to 3Kg for the King ​ To distinguish the set pieces from each other, 1 set is solid from top to bottom & 1 set has the top section removed . See pictures. The Corten Chess Pieces includes: 2 x Kings - 64cm in Height 2 x Queens - 52cm in Height 4 x Bishops - 46cm in Height 4 x Knights - 38cm in Height 4 x Rooks - 34cm in Height 16 x Pawns - 29cm in Height ​ ​ Optional extra is the custom made Chess Board, hand crafted & hinged to make storage easier - POA Or make one of your own from discounted/ discontinued tiles (will need to be approx. 22cm square) ​ ​ ​ ​ Black King Black Queen Black Bishop Black Knight Black Rook Black Pawn White King White Queen White Bishop White Knight White Rook White Pawn Render of Chess Board & Pieces Renders of Black Pieces Renders of White Pieces The White Queen - nicely rusted Please use the form on the Commissions Page to contact us if you would like more details about our Chess Set . ​ We look forward to hear from you soon. Thanks.

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