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Kia Ora

From an early age, I loved to draw.

It was always a way for me to relax.

At 16, I enrolled into an Engineering Apprenticeship in the UK

and finished it at the age of 21.

Spent the next 10 years travelling around the UK & Europe, working as a contractor.


After getting married in 1990, my wife, our 2 children and I, moved to New Zealand in February 2001 to the small rural town of Helensville, Auckland.

I have Whanau here in NZ, as my uncle married a Maori girl after he moved to NZ, transferring from the RAF to the RNZAF. They had 5 children, who are now spread around NZ & Australia with their families.

We still live in Helensville today.

We love the rural outlook of where we stay, the community & the people around who make it a great place to be.


Since moving to NZ, I have worked for a variety of engineering firms and found myself in the design office (for 7yr’s) for a prominent boat building firm, where I took on drafting duties.


Then, while working for another firm at Silverdale.

I discovered Corten steel, which I realised was a fantastic material to work with, and its unique rust look properties.

This made me realise, that I could incorporate my creativity and engineering skills together to create unique pieces of art.

From this ‘Canny Creations NZ’ was born.

Canny – A North East of England word for Beautiful.

Creations – To bring something into Existence.

NZ – New Zealand made.

Here is where I try to create Garden Art, Wall Signs, Sculptures & just about anything else in between with Corten steel.(Weathering Steel).

I try to keep the Kiwiana theme in my pieces as much as possible.

This is me, Mark Morton Wilson, from Hartlepool in the UK.

Now living in Aotearoa (NZ) - the Land of the Long White Cloud.

Also regulars at the following Markets

• Coatsville Market

• Kaukapakapa Market

• Kumeu Market

• Mangawhai Tavern Market

• Matakana Market

• Smales Farm Market