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Husband & Wife Team

About Us - Mark Wilson, a certified engineering tradesman with expertise in 3D CAD Software like Solidworks & AutoCad, discovered his artistic calling with Corten Steel in New Zealand, leading to the formation of Canny Creations NZ. This venture showcases a unique fusion of his engineering skills and creativity, resulting in some distinctive garden art.

Central to the business's success is his wife, Hayley, who manages all administrative aspects, from customer relations to bookkeeping. Her invaluable support, particularly at markets, keeps the business thriving. Together, Mark and Hayley form a dynamic husband and wife team, blending technical proficiency and organisational prowess to bring each unique piece of garden art to life.

Team Synergy


Certified Engineering Tradesman. Proficient in 3D CAD Software using Solidworks & AutoCad.

Core Beliefs

Our mission is to create a beautiful environment for you that is both stylish and affordable. We believe in Friendliness, Building Relationships, Honesty and Customer Satisfaction, forming the foundation of all our interactions.


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