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Planter Boxes

Canny Creations NZ

Planter Boxes


Our Corten Garden Planters are a great way to add style and durability to your outdoor space.

They are made from 3mm Corten steel, and they are both attractive as well as long-lasting.

Corten's patina adds to the unique aesthetic qualities to these Planters, making them a great choice for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their outdoor space.

Our planters have the ability to withstand all types weather conditions, making them perfect for Aotearoa's climate. 

Once left outside, they will gain the classic rust  patina & be a beautiful addition to your home & garden.

We also offer a custom design service for these Planters, in which you can have almost anything cut into the planter to make it unique to you.

We will install 3mm acrylic sheet backing to make the cut-out stand out & to ensure the soil doesn't escape, the sheet can also be coloured to your choice, depending on colours available at the time.

All planters can be made to a variety of custom sizes as well. 

Octogon Planter
Corten Planter

Octagon Planter

Size approx. - 30 x 30cm

Custom Sizes available

Rectangle Planter

Custom Designs  & Sizes available

Corten Planter
Corten Planter
Corten Planter

Rectangle Planter

Size approx. - 60 x 35cm

More designs to follow

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